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      Shen Zhen CDL Precision Technology CO.,LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "company") was founded on July 26 in 2004, formerly known as CDL Sticky Products(Shen Zhen) CO.,LTD. Company has many subsidiaries, and the total number of existing staff is over 900 people. Company, located at Tian Xin community,Ping Shan New District,Shen Zhen City is a specialized supplier engaged in providing external and internal functional devices products for the well-known brand mobile phone, electronic digital products . Company mainly produces functional device for the consumer electronics product, smartphones, tablets and other consumer electronics products. Internal functional devices mainly include: paste, fixed function devices, buffer, sealing device, conductive and shielding function devices, insulation function devices, thermal conductivity, heat dissipation function devices, strengthening and maintaining strong function devices, etc. External functional devices mainly include: protective film, dust-proof net, labels, packing box, etc.

     Company has the high quality customer resources, established close relations of cooperation with domestic and international numerous well-known consumer electronics and components manufacturers , and obtain the highly appreciated approval of the customer.

     Company is a national high and new technology enterprise, has the advanced research and development and technical level; Company has strong production capacity, is able to quickly organize all kinds of type, size, size of the production of consumer electronics functional devices; Company has fast response, can provide customers from design to mass production of one-stop service; Company established a complete quality control system, has passed ISO9001:2008 and ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environment system certification.

     At present, the company has leased 10000 square meters of factory building area, including thousand, ten thousand, and thousands of thousands of square meters level dustless workshop. Company has advanced production equipment, testing equipment and other hardware facilities. Through continuously modification to automation production equipment ,company increases investment in research and development, supports technological innovation, constantly consolidate the industry status; Depends on comprehensive advantages such as a complete set of company supplies, advanced technology, fast service, good quality, with the rapid development, company has become the industry's leading consumer electronics functional components supplier.

Add:Tianxin Community,Jintian Road,Pingshan New District, Shen Zhen City  Tel:86-755-84631291  Fax:86-755-28318134 
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