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     The company promise to comply with the national labor, health, safety, environment, ethics and social responsibility laws and regulations, comply with internationally recognized standards, and other applicable industry standards and international conventions, continue to improve working conditions and employee benefits.

    The company statement:
* continuous EICC management objectives effectively, improve company EICC management conditions;
* to abide by the relevant laws and regulations of EICC requirements, to achieve efficient EICC management performance;
* promote labor cooperation, to provide equal and fair working environment, respect employees' freedom, the ban on any form of forced labor and discrimination;
* reasonable arrangement of production plan and employee's work time, to ensure that employees the right to rest and vacation;
* to care for human survival environment, ensure safety and health of employees; control the production of pollutant emissions, save energy and resources consumption;
* to abide by the professional ethics, to ensure normal operation of company;

    The company promised at least once a year to support the company's local charities, actively participate in the local community, the chamber of commerce, trade unions and other organizations, public welfare activities, organization staff take an active part in social volunteer work every year.Ensure that the company actively participate in social, community activities, become a molecular positive social family.

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