Industry Information | 2021-3-29 18:32:29
Fire drill in the first half of 2020
In order to conscientiously implement the policy of "safety first, prevention first", improve employees’ fire emergency response capabilities, control fire accidents in a timely, rapid and efficient manner, ensure the safety of corporate property and personnel, and let personnel from all departments of the company have an in-depth understanding Fire emergency common sense, effectively establish fire awareness, and at the same time test the company’s internal emergency rescue team’s night-time handling and coordination capabilities and combat effectiveness, so that all personnel can truly master the overall operation process of emergency remediation and rescue on-site at night fire accidents, so that employees will encounter unexpected situations. When an incident occurs, it can be evacuated to a safe area in a timely and orderly manner to ensure the safety of life and minimize the loss of fire accidents and the harm caused by the accident.

      On June 24, the company organized a fire drill in the first half of 2020. The full-staff firefighting drill was led by President Liu as the commander-in-chief, Vice President Zhang as the deputy commander, Chief Safety Section Chief He as the on-site executive commander, and Manager Liu from the Human Resources Department supervised and coordinated. The exercise group consists of eight groups: evacuation group, communication group, fire fighting group, alert evacuation group, rescue group, first aid group, logistics support group, and equipment maintenance group.
      At 8:05 in the evening, there was an accidental fire in the workshop area. The on-site staff notified the guard on duty and the section chief. The section chief arrived at the scene to put out the fire. He found that the fire was too large and could not be controlled. He immediately notified the fire emergency commander. According to the commander's request, press the ring For the fire alarm bell, the department manager immediately organized the evacuation of the workshop employees and gathered in the squares of Buildings A and B. After hearing the fire alarm bell, all departments quickly evacuated to the company's emergency assembly point and carried out personnel counts. The leader of the fire-fighting team immediately assembled the team members and rushed to the fire site to put out the fire with fire-fighting facilities and equipment. The rescue team immediately went to see if anyone was trapped, and the exercise proceeded in an orderly manner.
      Subsequently, the security team leader Wei explained the precautions and usage of the fire extinguisher. Volunteer firefighters conducted an on-site fire extinguishing demonstration. After the explanation and demonstration, the staff immediately carried out the actual fire extinguishing operation of the fire extinguisher.

       After the exercise, the on-site executive commander He gave an explanation of fire safety emergency operations and fire escape skills, teaching everyone what to do in the event of a fire, how to correctly call the police, put out the fire, evacuate, and how to rescue themselves. escape. Finally, Commander-in-Chief Liu summarized the fire drill and praised the employees for observing the command and acting quickly. At the same time, he pointed out the shortcomings in the drill and asked everyone to further improve their awareness of responsibility for safe production.

      Through this fire drill, the safety awareness and fire-fighting ability of the personnel participating in the fire drill have been enhanced, all employees have a further understanding of common sense of fire safety, and their ability to respond to fires has been improved.