Industry Information | 2021-3-29 18:33:36
The first phase of the Flying Eagle Project-Special Training Camp for Team Leaders-Summary

The 4-day special training camp for team leaders ushered in a happy and grand graduation ceremony. As the company’s first phase of talent training project, through a series of training, not only improved the comprehensive management ability, but also built a favorable study for the team leaders. And communication platform. The project has witnessed the transformation of the team leaders from the start to the end. Time flies, learning time is always happy and short, and every bit of growth has left beautiful memories.

Military training on June 6, recalling the hot spots before military training, joking, laziness, crooked team, no team spirit at all, but after a day of high-intensity military training, everyone learned what discipline is and what is team! Soldiers take obedience to orders as their bounden duty, obey orders, obey orders, and resolutely complete tasks. During the whole process, we paid close attention to each team, each individual, their sweat, their efforts, and their changes. We all see it in our eyes. Paying is rewarding. As long as we work hard, we can’t accomplish anything.

On the morning of the first day of formally entering the course on June 13th, Manager Peng talked about "Interpersonal Relations" and "Communication Skills". In the era of competition, in the face of fierce competition, interpersonal relationships are very important in both life relationships and work management. Therefore, the concept of "respecting others is respecting oneself" should be established from the heart in the interpersonal relationship of the workplace, treat each colleague kindly, gradually establish good personal relationships, and benefit each other. This is a win-win situation.

In daily work, we are constantly dealing with different people and always interacting with Zhou Guo’s people. This requires mastery of communication skills. If you encounter conflicts and problems in communication, you have to take the initiative and resolve them, even if you sometimes As long as it is not a matter of principle, you cannot blindly be rational and unforgiving. Instead, you should be tolerant and generous with the understanding and support of the other party who wins. The relationship between colleagues can be strengthened and strengthened in effective communication. So that the communication can go on smoothly and finally achieve the purpose of enhancing unity and promoting work.

In the afternoon, Manager Wang taught us how to control emotions. Emotion management is not about removing or suppressing emotions, but after perceiving emotions, adjusting emotions is a way of expression. We must straighten out work, family, and society and constantly adjust correctly. One's own emotions and pressure, let the influence of negative emotions on oneself be reduced to the lowest limit of self-control.