Company News | 2021-3-29 18:29:49
2020 food poisoning exercise
Correctly standardize and guide the investigation and treatment of food poisoning accidents, timely control and effective prevention, and actively respond to food poisoning accidents. A food poisoning drill was held in the cafeteria on July 10.

On the afternoon of July 10th, three employees developed abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea and other symptoms. The discoverer immediately reported the situation to the cafeteria staff. Upon questioning, the suspected food poisoning was reported to the emergency team immediately. At the scene, first-hand information such as the time of occurrence of food poisoning, the number of people poisoned, and the severity of the food poisoning should be ascertained, and personnel should be arranged to control the scene. People are strictly prohibited from contacting the source of food poisoning. The emergency team immediately carried out rescue operations and blocked the scene. The head of the safety section reports to the leader the occurrence of the accident and the on-site action plan. The security captain immediately dialed the "120" emergency number, and briefly reported the location, symptoms, number and duration of the poisoning to the hospital, and offered rescue assistance. At the same time, it reported to the CDC and the Food Supervision Administration. Volunteer rescuers would rescue the patients. Care. After the hospital staff arrived at the scene, rescue the poisoned person. The chef took the hospital doctor to take samples of poisoned food.

Through this food poisoning exercise:-It is mainly to establish and improve the food safety early warning and rapid response system, grasp the foundation, strengthen internal strength, and handle food safety emergencies in a timely manner; the second is to train the food poisoning emergency response team to accumulate response experience, Improve emergency response capabilities, so as not to panic or chaos in the face of food quality and safety incidents, and to deal with them correctly, timely and effectively.