Company News | 2021-3-29 18:31:38
2020 free blood donation
Unpaid blood donation is a concrete manifestation of the practice of saving the dead and healing the wounded and practicing helping others. At the same time, it is also to better promote and publicize the concrete performance of contemporary people's willingness to dedication and care for others, and to contribute to the society. On August 5, 2020, at the valley me, under the initiative of the government and the village committee, our company actively responded and organized the third phase of voluntary blood donation activities. On the morning of August 5, 2020, with the agreement of the government and the village committee, I was able to actively respond and organize the third phase of unpaid blood donation. 150 people in our company participated in the unpaid blood donation. Tables, laboratory tests, blood draws,-all work is in an orderly manner. Among the colleagues who donated blood, they donated blood freely for many years. They were relaxed and happy. Many colleagues were a little nervous because of the first blood donation, but with the comfort and help of medical staff, they relieved their tension and participated in the blood donation activities smoothly. In the end, 108 people The blood donation was successful. As we all know, donating 300-400 ml of blood each time only accounts for a small part of the total body. Not only does it harm your health, it also speeds up the renewal of blood cells, promotes metabolism, and benefits others and self. Here, we also propose: extend your helping hand, gather the warm current of love, let us be connected by blood, and make the world full of love!

Reminders: 1. Drink plenty of water after donating blood. You don’t need to add special nutrients to maintain your health.
Regular diet is enough: 2. Do not do vigorous exercise within 24 hours after blood donation, take appropriate rest, and ensure adequate