Company News | 2021-3-29 18:30:58
Staff birthday party in July 2020

In the vast crowd, we meet in intellectual power
Very lucky to be part of the big family
There is no shortage of warmth, tenderness and love here
The road ahead is still long, fortunately, we walk all the way
To accompany each other to grow up, to the birthday party once a month~

The birthday party is divided into three parts: 1 host opening; 2. game interaction; 3. wish group photo and cake sharing. In the whole party, the most engaged part is the game part. The first game <you come to make a gesture Let me guess>, everyone makes various gestures; in the second game "Brain Teasers", after the host reads the topic, everyone has a lot of brains and answered the correct answers. The third game is "Books in Legs" "Run", this game is the easiest one, you just need to clip your books and run. Then accompanied by a brisk birthday song, the birthday stars sang birthday songs around the cake and took a group photo. The scene was very warm. The attentive staff sliced the cake and delivered it to the hands of each birthday star. Under the background of the lights, the life expectancy His face was filled with happiness and joy.

Finally, I send the most sincere blessings to the birthday stars!
Happy birthday, work smoothly, become beautiful and handsome
Looking forward to the birthday party in August!